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January 25, 2010


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Thanks Safety Squad! Per your instructions - I slowly dismantled our old seat: tossed the straps one day, the pad the next, cut the buckle out after that and then labeled the base & seat it DO NOT USE, packed them in black trash bags and finally put the old thing to rest! Not an easy process, but I'm glad you let me know the best (and safest) way to take care of the job.


what a wasteful way to dispose of car seats! i'm outraged that the manufacturers don't provide some sort of recycling program. think of all that plastic in the landfills! it's time for manufacturers to take some responsibility.


I here what you are saying. Keep in mind that other cities (We referenced Chicago specifically) may have resources in place to recycle old seats.

As far as the car seat companies, I'll do some digging to find out if they actually have programs.

Going Green Limousine

Thanks, Safey Squad! If your car seat was involved in an accident, I recently heard of a suggestion to bring it to the police department where they will submit it for crash testing statistics. This way it can be used for future safety purposes and be disposed of safely (so no other child will be given a compromised car seat).


The best way to dispose of an old car seat is to bring it back to the store during one of their "trade in" sales. They give you a coupon for %20 off new stuff! They send it off for recycling and you save money.

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