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June 08, 2010


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I was a customer of yours and hired you to show me how to install our original infant seat. Your service is invaluable, and I have recommended you to many other people. I am also aware that many cities and towns have safety police officers who also provide a similar service at no charge to residents, but where I live that was not an option for us.

Where I feel people need to be more informed as to what it means to safely transport their children, I do not support this law. I agree with the retailers association as it is a slippery slope, and that it will lead to increased liability on retailers for many, many other products they sell, outside of childrens products, and will make for a legal mess. There is more than enough warnings on infant and toddler seats as to their safe installation, and some responsibility needs to be put on the parents for ensuring these products are used properly.

There's a larger issue here that will not be simple to address - the sheer volume of accidents reported here, plus the countless others that are surely not reported as well as the poorly installed seats that are lucky their parents are not in an accident! As much as the LATCH system was an improvement for installing this equipment, the time has come for better seat products. This is where the government could better spend its resources than forcing signs into a retailer that may be ignored in the mire of all the other visual stimuli in a store.

There has to be a better way, and a sign is not going to do it.

Janelle Benson

Helpful post. I especially found it useful where you stated that consumers or parents should be properly educated how to install car seats especially to avoids accidents among babies and kids.. thanks, Janelle.

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